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COMPAAN spol. s.r.o.with its headquarters in Nováky and the production plant in Prievidza started in 1994 with support of Dutch home company Compaan.


Since then the company has been engaged in innovative production and mounting bodies to all kinds of truck chassis.

With production over 3 000 bodies to chassis of truck and commercial vehicles such as platform truckbody, light box truckbodies, truckbodies for transport and towing of other motor vehicles, refrigerator truckbodies, special truckbodies as well as hydraulic arms, platforms, …. our company belongs to the most stable company of this kind on Slovak market. Production line of truckbodies is constantly developing to meet clients‘ requests and needs. Based on client’s needs and requirements we mount original truckbodies of OUR OWN CONSTRUCTION and PRODUCTION to all kinds of truckbodies, trailers and semi-trailers.

COMPAAN, s.r.o. company provides with professional advice and assistance to solve all problems and defects related to truckbodies.

Our philosophy is to provide a client with individual access to all client’s requirements, come up with the most suitable and tailor-made technical solution of a truckbody depending on type of goods transported or work activity in regards of the vehicle, way of loading /unloading/ and other parameters related to maximum use of each vehicle.

In addition, COMPAAN company has also proved quality of its truckbodies with many clients from abroad.

Our company with its production and bodies spare parts also helps its clients in the Czech Republic, the Nedherlands, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Poland.

We considerably orientate in production of special purpose truckbodies. We deliver special truckbodies and containers for SLOVAK ARMY and POLICE FORCES, TV broadcast vehicle, expediciton vehicles, mobile workshops, ambulances, fire trucks, exhibition and shop bodies on vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers and truckbodies to transport wood timber and cattle.

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