Bodies made by Compaan have a long life. During years of service in various companies they often change and it is the reason why we must regularly modify vehicles based on the new users‘ requirements. Where a brand new vehicle is not necessary, we can renovate your already existing vehicle. After certain modifications in our paint shop a client can get a renovated vehicle for a very reasonable price.
Bodies made by Compaan usually last longer than chassis on which they are mounted. Even then we can simply place an existing body to a new chassis.


Compaan company has its own modern paint spray shop where we can paint bodies and chassis with any colour you wish. Based on request, we can also supply any signs or graphic designs consulted with an advertising agency.


Compaan company, spol. s.r.o. provides warranty and after-warranty service as well as spare parts necessary for repair. In case of any breakdown, you can simply call our service workers who will provide you with all information and will take care of repair of your vehicle.

COMPAAN facility and technology capacities enable to carry out repairs, restoration of older bodies, trailer and semi-trailers. Sandblasting cabinet and paint spray booth give quality surface treatment to either new or repaired bodies.

We can assure you that your vehicle will be repaired in the shortest time possible and will run just like before the breakdown.

  • hydraulic tailgates
  • hydraulic arms
  • tilting bodies
  • winches


Tu repair parts we use:

  • sand blasting
  • painting
  • pulverization
  • galvanization
  • chromating
  • KTL

To repair we use the following equipment:

  • metal saws
  • aluminium saws
  • plasma
  • hydraulic scissors
  • MIG, TIG welding aggregates
  • hydraulic press brake
  • bending roll machine
  • hydraulic press
  • profile scissor
  • metal lathe
  • spot welding machine

Sale spare parts and parts

Compaan spol. s.r.o. is also engaged in making parts and spare parts for truckbodies.
We are able to make any parts and spare parts you request based on technical drawings or we can even make technical drawings for you if you need them.

Parts and spare parts we offer:

  • bottom frames of truckbodies
  • body frames of swap truckbodies
  • front walls of truckbodies
  • front walls of swap truckbodies
  • roofs
  • rear doors
  • side doors
  • others

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